God bless AskReddit. I could spend hours and hours there. Wait... I already do. Anyway, here is the question that was posed:

What non sexual sensation is honestly incredibly satisfying?

  • The feeling when you make someone genuinely laugh. - FiguringItIn
  • Popping a pimple successfully, to the point where all the gunk is removed and you know it. - Ritzaficionado
  • When something "clicks" and something you were previously unable to comprehend starts making sense. - Colt556
  • When your ears finally pop after being plugged for a while. - mrTALKINGDUCK
  • Peeing after really needing to go. - Thatsnotfunatall
  • Goosebumps from good music. - JustinHerm0uth
  • Walking into an air conditioned room after being outside when it's extremely hot. - Unphayzable
  • When the direct deposit hits. - AndroWanda
  • When you finish making a semi-complicated meal and it's delicious. - TommF
  • Seeing someone you love when they have been gone for a while. You might not even feel like you miss them, but when you see them again it is just beyond great. - sazzlekdazzle

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