Thanks to hipsters all over, Toto's "Africa" has made its way back to charts. But what other songs deserve to be back on top? We take a look....Back in December, one young girl had a far-fetched dream. She wanted to hear Toto's classic, "Africa" but redone by alt-rockers Weezer. Why? Who knows, but she was going to throw out the question into the Twitterverse and see what would happen. Luckily fans responded to the point that Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson even commented on the cover request.

The young girl kept the dream alive, by tweeting and getting more and more support online. Finally, the online momentum caused the band to respond with a Toto song, but to troll the young girl they first released a cover of "Rosanna." Finally, the "Africa" cover came alive! And so did all the lover from fans of Toto and Weezer. The song blew up and raced to the top of the rock charts. It gave new life to Toto's song, a song that was already a hipster and ironic favorite for many. All the new success for the band was great to see but it made me start wondering, what other song needs to be covered? Even more, what bands should be given life again through such a cover? I limited my suggestions down to 3, along with the bands I think should cover them. Is there another band you'd like to see on here or another song?

The Outfield - "Your Love" Covered By My Chemical Romance

My first, gut reaction was for this song to be covered by Coheed and Cambria, singer Claudio Sanchez has one of the highest voices in rock music and could hit these noted with ease. As I continued picking songs for my remake list, I found a song better suited for his voice so I had to come up with a second band to record this track. This song has always been one of my favorites out there so I needed a band with a singer that could do the song justice. Because my ultimate reunion tour would include this band, My Chemical Romance would be the only choice to re-record this song. Only the glory of seeing MCR back together could make the magic of this song again.

Marcy's Playground - "Sex and Candy" Covered By Post Malone

This song still oozes sex appeal with the lyrics and simple, not over exaggerated vocals. The song needs a singer who can recreate the same dark, brooding style of the music and I think Post Malone would be the singer for that. He sings, he raps and he's also a fairly rounded artist. His voice has an effortless delivery that would translate well on the song, plus I think he would get producers to bring modern elements to the music to make it his own.

Wheatus- "Teenage Dirtbag" Covered By Coheed and Cambria 

Now here's the song I thought would suit Claudio Sanchez's voice better. Imagine this reimagined song in an episode of Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why or Stranger Things. A teen angst-filled episode where the underdog is sitting there, staring at his high school love and wondering why she doesn't see him. In reality, she's now developed feelings for him and is staring at him in the same way. Perfect for a moment between Nancy and Johnathan or better, Clay and Hannah. This song still resonates so well in any teen drama and a redone track could give the tune new life.

Eddie Murphy- Party All The Time

To me, it's almost blasphemous to think of redoing this song, because it is a damn classic! Eddie Murphy showed us he could sing, and Rick James brought the heat with the music. Who could EVER recreate the magic here?! Only one name comes to mind, and that's Usher. The voice, the dancing, the charisma! The man has everything you need to recreate this magic again. And I'd like to see him in a music video again with his shirt off. Let's see if those abs stood up to the test of time.

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