Those of us who love to wear our love of rock 'n' roll on our sleeves can do so literally with watches inspired by some of our favorite bands.

In the below gallery, you'll see officially licensed and often limited-edition timepieces from bands like AC/DC, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Motorhead. The watches range in price from less than $100 for the models by Vannen to more than $1,000 for luxury designs from brands like Raymond Weil and Zenith. And let's not forget the Skull Maori Watch by HYT that Axl Rose designed that lists for $120,000.

Kiss drummer Eric Singer, who knows a thing or two about keeping time, is even a watch collector. "I have always liked watches since childhood," he said in 2014. "I still have my very first German-made watch somewhere that I got when I was about five or six years old. I am not sure what attracted me to watches, but I remember my father had some nice wristwatches that I used to take out of his dresser drawer and fiddle about with them: a Jaeger LeCoultre triple calendar moonphase and a mini-sized Gallet chronograph."

Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz was apparently so intrigued by the persistence of time that, following the release of 1993's Sound of White Noise, he left the band to become a watchmaker. He's been trained at the WOSTEP Watchmaking School in Neuchatel, Switzerland, and graduated from New York's Bulova School of Watchmaking in record time. His fascination began through his grandfather when he was eight years old.

”Ever since my Pop-pop showed me the inside of a Patek Philippe as a young child, I could never see straight again," he said on his website. "I fixed everything in my house I could get my hands on. I even hand built the Marshall amplifiers for the reunion Anthrax tour with my own hands.”

Check out some of our favorite rock 'n' roll watches below.

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