Everyone knows the Civil War settled the issue of whether a state could leave the union once and for all.  However, there has been talk from people, who we must consider serious, some even in the Texas Legislature,  about Texas going it's own way.

Of course, Texas already has it's own power grid and we all know how that's going.  Notwithstanding, let's look into a crystal ball and consider what would happen if Texas became it's own country.

Right off the bat, imagine the controversies.  I mean who would be the official state "business"?  Imagine the back and forth between Bucees, H-E-B and Whataburger. Not to mention large oil companies like Conoco Phillips.

Imagine some of the national holidays we could have in the Texas Nation. Every time Dairy Queen introduced a new blizzard flavor, it would require a holiday of some sort. Rodeos would have to be national  holidays.

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon


The official national greeting would be "howdy".

Here in San Angelo, our parks could all be declared "national parks". At the very least that might get some new picnic tables.

Seriously, though, if Texas were a country, it would be the 40th biggest country in the world. It would be bigger than France, Ukraine, Spain, Iran or Afghanistan. Texas would be the 50th most populated country in the world. The Texas nation would have the 10th largest GDP in the world bigger than all of Canada, South Korea, Turkey, The Netherland or Saudi Arabia, according to Chon. Plus, Texas would be the 4th biggest oil producer in the world.

One thing is abundantly clear, if Texas were it's own country the speed limits on all the wide open highways would be 100 or more. TexMex would be on every menu. The Texas national creed would be simple: Everyone would have the right to "life liberty, cowboy boots, steaks, Stetsons and low gasoline prices."

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