On CNBC's annual ranking of the "Best States for Business in the U.S.," Texas was ranked as the 5th BEST state. However, in that same ranking, they listed the Lone Star State as the 2nd WORST state in which to live.

Obviously, any entity can choose to do their research in whatever way they choose. And although no state is perfect, many of us who love our native state find ourselves a bit baffled at ranking so low when it comes to livability.

Most of us are aware that Texas is a great state in which to do business. That's likely why we're seeing many major companies move their headquarters down here. (Looking at you, Elon.) Honestly, I'm surprised Texas didn't rank higher in that regard, too.

OK, but what factors did CNBC use in order to "determine" that Texas should fall on its ranking where it did?

CNBC said they use factors in their ranking related to the quality of life, health, and inclusion.

KHOU 11 states that "the team behind the study graded Texas an "F" in the life, health and inclusion category. They found that 'skilled workers are still flocking to the state despite the longstanding quality of life issues…. But when they arrived, they are finding limited childcare options, a stressed health care system with the highest rate of uninsured, new curbs on voting rights, and few protections against discrimination.'"

If you would like to read more on what they had to say and/or you'd like to see the rest of the rankings, you can access that here.

I'm always proud to tell people where I'm from in regard to general livability. And after all, obviously, people are continuing to relocate to Texas, so there's clearly something that's motivating them.

But more importantly, I would like to hear from you. Do you enjoy living in Texas? Do you agree or disagree with their general assessment?

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