In my opinion, the players did well, all things considered. With the bad weather, I expected there to be some drops and fumbles. I think the team adjusted well and made the best out of it considering they didn't even train in bad weather...which is part of the problem. The coaches and owners need to grow a pair and make these guys uncomfortable. They did not properly train for what was ahead. The play calling was awful and even had the booth talking about what they would have done differently.

Jason Garrett late in the 4th quarter, 7 points behind: It's all good, Let's just kick a field goal, try to stop Tom Brady, then run down the field against the best defense in the NFL. I'm sure that plan will work perfectly.

Jerry Jones needs to get rid of Garrett and find a coach who he trusts to actually run the team. I know it's your team Jerry, but you need to butt out. The other issue was the penalty calling. Pats fans write it off as "just a couple of bad calls" both of those tripping calls were made on very important plays that would have changed the game had the penalties not been called. To really quantify how ridiculous those calls were, tripping has been called 4 times in the history of the NFL. 2 of them were in yesterday's game....and people wonder why the Pats get accused of buying off the refs. Not that they are, but man, one could make a case.

Bottom line, they prepared better and they were coached better. Everything else aside, that is the biggest factor that kept the Cowboys from winning. Cowboy TF up Garrett. Make this team work in practice and prep. They're paid millions to do what you tell them to do. Congrats to the Pats. On to the Bills.

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