Hearing things out of context can be dangerous. If you've ever walked up on a conversation where Doc is involved you know what I'm talking about. But unlike overhearing Doc say "out here is where all the sexy happens" in reference to the garage full of nerds playing wizard card games, not all things heard out of context are deeply disturbing. In the years I've worked here at my big girl job I've overheard some things that I still laugh at every time I think of them. So here are some of my favorites.

I overheard  a conversation that a man was having with his daughter about her missing a flight, I got the impression she was pretty upset about it. This gentleman wasn't a young buck by any means, he was pretty studious most of the time but it turns out he had a pretty good sense of humor because in an effort to chart his daughter up I heard him say "You want me to send you a selfie? I bet that would cheer you up". That may not sound funny to you but when it came out of this mans mouth it was all I could do not to bust out.

I overheard one of my bosses (not at my current big girl job, this was some years ago) say "that's not how a strip tease even works". I don't know what he was talking about and I'm pretty sure I don't  want to know.

On the elevator I overheard a girl say "we had a fight about some Harry Potter stuff so we're not talking right now".....ooook.

I overheard two siblings at an office event squabbling over who knows what when one started saying "So! You lick butts! You lick butts so hard and I don't even touch butts!" Sick burn kiddo.

Now for the one that made me want to write this blog. A couple of co-workers were having a conversation in an office at a normal volume when out of no where one of them yells "I don't know Travis, I've never seen crack!" And folks, lemme tell ya, my day was made at that point.

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