Did you think 2016 was a particularly awful year? You wouldn't be alone. A lot of people have pointed out that 2016 was especially devastating in the way that it killed so many beloved celebrities. You may say, "Yeah, whatever. Celebrities die every year," which is true. But some statisticians actually crunched some numbers and found that, yes, 2016 WAS a crazy bad year for celebrity deaths.

And now someone has put together a trailer in which 2016 is a horror movie. Imagine a horror movie but instead of Freddy Kruger or Jason Vorhees, the crazy, psycho murderer is the year 2016. I mean, (I guess you don't HAVE to imagine it, because we all LIVED it. But, you know.)

Anyway, before you start relaxing too much because it's now 2017...remember that all those Freddy and Jason movies had A LOT of sequels.

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