Ah, the joys of finishing a new album! Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook was so overjoyed, he hopped on Instagram to post a seemingly innocuous shot of a car dashboard ... that is until you realize that it was Hook enjoying the moment of listening back to mixes from the new album through his BMW car stereo.

"Our new record is finished," beamed Hook in the caption accompanying the Instagram photo. "Listening to the mixes on my way thru @starbucks at 7:39am this morning! Hello 2017 here we come!" See the social media post below.

2016 was a difficult year for the band, who endured a very public spat with their label Prospect Park. The group later announced that they had signed with Rise Records and that their deal would start as soon as they completed their obligation for one more album to Prospect Park. This forthcoming disc would appear to be the one that completes their tenure with the label.

Though 2016 did include extensive touring, the band managed to turn around the album working through their breaks from the road and finally finishing recording of their next disc as the calendar flipped to 2017.

The band's previous release, Got Your Six, was certified gold back in August. The disc debuted at No. 2 in September of 2015 and yielded the songs "Jekyll and Hyde," "Wash It All Away," "My Nemesis," "Hell to Pay" and "I Apologize," with the latter song still doing quite well at rock radio. There is a bit of a break in the schedule before Five Finger Death Punch return to the stage, with their 2017 concert debut currently scheduled for May 6 at the Maximus Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina. See their current itinerary here and stay tuned for new album release details.

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