I've gotten that look before. If you're a heterosexual male you've probably gotten that look before, too. The look from your wife or girlfriend when your eyes have stayed just a millisecond too long on the 19 year old Village Inn hostess.  Women know when their man is checking out another woman. No matter how sly you think you are...they know. She may not call you out on it every time but she knows

"No, honey", you may try to explain. "I wasn't looking at her ass. I was already looking in that direction and her ass came into my field of vision."  Don't bother. They know.

Check out this video of Bill Clinton getting caught checking out...someone...by Hillary. We don't know if it was Melania or Ivanka or maybe one of the other hotties in the Trump retinue.  He's definitely looking over in that direction and Hillary certainly notices. Watch the video and then I'll break it down. Frame by frame, if need be.

00:01: Bill is already zeroed in on something. It's Bill so we know what it is.

00:02: The guy to Bill's immediate left: "Psst...hey, man. Hottie at 8 o'clock!"

00:04: Bill in thought bubble mode: "Oh yeah...I see it. Mmmm-mmm."

00:09: Hillary in thought bubble: "Is he doing what I think he's doing?"

00:10: Hillary thought bubble: "Let's see how long he keeps it up."

00:15: Bill thought bubble: "Oh...sh*t."

00:17: Bill thought bubble: "OK, Clinton. Play it cool. Look back over that way but pretend to be looking at something else. Like that Marine band Tuba."

00:18: Hillary thought bubble: "Un...fu**ing...believable."

00:25: Michelle O. thought bubble: "Girlfriend...you need to control your man."

00:27: Hillary ACTUALLY has to bite her lip to keep from slapping Bill.

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