A common problem has a not-so-common solution.

We've all been there: we park our car in a lot, head off to do what we need to do and when we're done we can't find our car. We circle 'round and 'round like a rat in a maze hunting for cheese. Well, those days could be behind us, if you follow the tip in this video.

All you need to do is stash some balloons in your trunk and tie them outside your car while you're away, so that when you come back you'll easily be able to spot the vehicle. It's actually pretty ingenious, as long as you're not going to a balloon store, of course.

And while we salute this man's craftiness, we also have to question what's going on in his life. Did you notice the tied-up body in the trunk? We get the feeling his next video might have something to do with a hassle-free way to dispose of a corpse.

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