Brandon Coates, Morning Show executive producer, is a well-known babe magnet. What you're going to see in this video is Brandon demonstrating his prowess in attracting the female of the human species. Be warned! This display has been known to spontaneously ruin cotton panties. Also, if you are a female of child-bearing years not currently on birth control, you should only watch the following video out of the corner of your eye. Watching with a full view could cause immaculate pregnancy.

That is some might fine peacockin' there!

Of course, you can hear Brandon Coates each weekday morning on the Buzz Adams Morning Show. Also, on Wednesday's he host the After Buzz. You can watch it and interact live every Wednesday at 11:30 am Central and 10:30 am Mountain.

Look up "Buzz Adams Morning Show" on YouTube and join the tight-knit community of weirdos that WATCH the radio show every day.

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