Whether or not there’s any “Spicey” left to parody by the time SNL returns this fall, Melissa McCarthy’s impression gave the beleaguered Press Secretary one perfect (and public!) sendoff. The ride isn’t over yet, however, as SNL releases delightful outtakes from McCarthy filming in NYC.

SNL took the uncharacteristic step of releasing extended outtakes from McCarthy’s Spicey jaunt through NYC, as the comedian greets a wave of support and onlookers from this past Friday’s filming. The motorized podium only made up about a third of the sketch itself, but nonetheless filmed a few bits not present in the final cut.

It remains to be seen if McCarthy’s Spicer impression will have any greater spotlight, given that Season 42 has only the Dwayne Johnson-hosted finale remaining, amid swirling reports that Spicer will be out of a job by Season 43’s premiere. McCarthy has also finally made her entry into the five-timers club, and isn’t a lock to return anytime soon.

We’ll see what the final Season 42 outing brings, but in the meantime, check out McCarthy’s delightful outtakes above, the originals below, and stay tuned.

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