I've always been fascinated with family trees, heritage, etc. I actually have a family tree on one side of my family that tracks my family back to Norway in the 1500s. It's interesting because it finally gets to a point that I have no clue how to start pronouncing the names.

But that comes from my grandmother on my dad's side of the family. My surname, Coates, comes from my dad's father, although I'm not sure exactly where. But by going to this website, if you have any questions about your name, you can look it up.

Here's what I learned about my name:

  • It's the 8,833rd most common surname in the world
  • Approximately 61.062 people have this surname
  • Most of the top countries where the name occurs wasn't surprising to me. The U.S., England, Wales, Scotland. However there were a couple that were surprising. Like Australia, South Africa, and the real curve ball, Jamaica.

Any surprises about your last name?