Recently a redditor posed the question on about a Texas care package. This person is dating someone who lives in Finland and wanted to know what other Texans would put in the care package. The stipulations were that it had to be able to be put in a bag and flown with.

Here is what they came up with so far:

  • Deep Eddy's Ruby Red Grape Vodka (or Sweet Tea Vodka)
  • A small pecan pie
  • Whataburger Ketchup Hot Sauce

And that's all they have so far, however another redditor mentioned the following:

  • Jerky from Woody's Smoke House
  • A Buc-ee's T-shirt
  • Peanut brittle
  • Chips and salsa (I think specifics would probably be helpful here)
  • They mention stealing something from Whataburger, so I think we'll just stick with what the original poster had put
  • And chick-o-sticks

So now this begs the questions. What would you put in a Texas care package? Comment below with what you would put together. I know Buzz would somehow get some Allsup's in there.