While discussing some of our favorite Christmas movies, we weren't shocked to find out that Lisa hasn't seen most of the holiday classics. When the holidays come around this time of year, lots of people can name off some of their favorites to watch year after year. From "Home Alone," "A Christmas Story," "It's A Wonderful Life," "Miracle on 34th Street" and more, everyone has those Christmas and holiday classics you can't wait to watch every year. But one of those classics wasn't one that Lisa thought she was familiar with. When describing the plot of "A Christmas Carol," she explained that she knew the story, but had never seen the original. Which version has she seen?

"A Diva's Christmas Carol" was a movie that ran on VH1 back in 2000 and the station still plays the movie around the holidays. Whenever the movie is on tv, Lisa will sit down and immediately start reciting the dialogue and singing all the songs. Why is this verison such a classic to her? From the fabulous outfits in the film, the random celebrity sightings throughout the film and the great VH1 references that happen, it is a pop culture fan's dream to see. Watch the movie above and see if you agree that this should be the version everyone should watch. If not, "Mickey's Christmas Carol" featuring Scrooge McDuck is a close second.

Vanessa Williams At The Palace Theatre
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