Toys have taken a high tech turn but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still some very low tech toys that every kid should have. These are some toys that I think we should still be giving our kids, so if you’ve looking for ideas this year for the deserving kids on your Christmas list here ya go…
LEGOS- This is an obvious entry and even though most parents live in fear of a LEGO related foot injury, I still think every kid should have some LEGOS in their toy box.
Puzzles- I know you’re thinking there’s no way giving this to a kid in this day and age is a good idea but puzzles promote brain health and problem solving skills minds young and old. So if your kiddo gets one sit down with them and show them how it’s done.
Balls- Footballs, basketballs…seriously no pun intended but playing with balls is always a good time….. (as I snicker like grade-schooler in my mind brain)
Jump Ropes- They’re good for developing gross motor skills, balance and being active in any way is always a good thing.
Modeling Clay- This stuff can never be cleaned out of carpet but it taps into so many things; creativity, artistic expression, strategic thinking, ect…
Musical Instruments- It’s easier for very young children to learn how to play an instrument and I don’t think I need to explain why I think introducing music, in any way, into a child’s life is…well life.                                                      Rubik's Cube- Because when you're done playing with it, it doubles as decor.
Board Games- WHAT!?!?!? Yeah, that’s right, board games. We gotta get back to the basics people. Kids don’t play board games anymore and it’s just not right. Our best friends happen to have kids around the same age as my youngest, he’s nine. We hang out all the time so when we get together it really helps that they’re such good friends because then they get to hang out as well. But here’s the thing, you wanna know what they do when they hang out? Mine brings his Switch, they sit with their faces glued to whatever screen is in front of them, and they play whatever game it is that catches their fancy that month. Pretty much the whole time. I get that’s just where kids are these days but it might do us all some good if we at least try to introduce these kids to a few classic board games. Tomorrows blog? “Board Games all Kids Should Have”.
If you can think of any I left off this list let me know in the comments.

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