Tyler Connolly of Theory of a Deadman took time recently to call into The Midday Meltdown to talk about the band's new track "Angel" and how girls always end up fighting at their concerts.

At the start of the interview, I congratulated Tyler on Theory of a Deadman's latest track "Angel" and its success.

"Sometimes you have your heart set on one track or another track. 'Angel' for us was a pleasant surprise, so it's great," said Connolly.

On his writing process, Tyler explained that it has to be fluid.

"Music isn't math," said Tyler. "You shouldn't have to grind away at it."

Tyler then caught me by surprise when he pointed out how girls at their shows seem to end up fighting at almost every show, and it always seems to happen during a ballad.

"Literally almost every night, two chicks start going at it," Tyler said, asking: "What do you do when chicks are ripping out each other's hair?"

Theory of a Deadman will be in town this Saturday, July 4, along with 3 Doors Down, We Are Harlot, Ian Moore and Fit for Rivals at FMX's Red, White & Boom.


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