Theory of a Deadman have unveiled their newest video for "Echoes," a single off their upcoming album, Wake Up Call, which comes out Oct. 27.

In the clip, we follow a kid on his way to a party to meet up with a girl he's interested in. The kid is instantly picked on by some of the jocks at the party who throw a football directly into his back. Before he can hit the floor, he suddenly wakes up, back in the car he started at in the beginning of the video. He finds himself stuck in a strange loop of events: enter party, see girl, get picked on by somebody and fall over. Eventually he tries to break the loop by going around back and meeting her out there. Watch the video above to see how it ends.

Song-wise, "Echoes" brings back a little bit of the band's rock edge to the forefront of things while also staying extremely catchy. Lyrically, it hits some of the themes of the video, having to relive some of the more painful memories in a person's life, seeing each moment fade away and becoming a faint echo of what it was.

"Echoes" follows up Theory's previous single, "Rx." It dealt with America's prescription drug epidemic, playing out a story similar to its lyrics.

Watch the video for "Echoes" above!

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