First things first, let me check my Cowboys' record prediction. Yup, so far so good. You can check out my prediction blog HERE. Basically I have the Cowboys fighting for a playoff spot, going 10 and 6 on the season, and losing the opening match up against the Carolina Panthers.

I'm not exactly confident in my overall prediction but hey, I'm perfect so far. Although the prediction does seem to be a bit shaky with how poorly the Cowboys played yesterday. Look, I expected them to lose, but I didn't expect them to look so mediocre.

Yesterday during the Cowboys' game against the Panthers, Dez Bryant was in full effect on Twitter. Or as I am now calling him 'Twitter Dez', because I'm still not 100% sold on him signing with a team this year. So here you so, this is how Dez Bryant spent his Sunday.

Yup, you read that right. While the Cleveland Browns are apparently still interested in signing Bryant, he's jockeying to sign with the New England Patriots. Or even the Washington Redskins.

And just in case you need a full recap of the game, here you go.


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