It was believed to be an ancient artifact from the Second Temple period. Something almost worthy of an Indiana Jones discovery. It was discovered by an 8 year old girl in a West Bank settlement. Unfortunately, it was not so ancient. Not even close.

The coin that was found by the 8 year old girl found turned out to be created on a small mint in the Youth Wing of the Israel Museum.

Dr. Haim Gitler, chief curator of Archaeology and the curator of Numismatics at the Israel Museum called the Times of Israel to inform it of the mistake, the news website reported.


“There is no chance that it is authentic, it is not an ancient coin. Even to call it a coin is to exaggerate what it is,” Gitler told the Times of Israel, adding that the markings on the “artifact” discovered by the girl are 100% identical to the mold at the museum. “Whether it was 2016 or 2015, that’s more the question,” he also said.

One side of the coin was left blank so that it wouldn't be confused with a real coin.

Of course, after reading this story, Homer's angel immediately came to mind. (video courtesy of 13xmarco13)

In case you aren't familiar with Homer's angel. They dug it up on an archaeological dig, but it turned out to be a fake. And was placed there as an advertisement for a new mall.

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