So, I pulled out the ole KBAT app today and looked on the weather updates. I had to rub my eyes and make sure I wasn't seeing things, but it appears that starting Sunday and through a good portion of next week, we have a really descent chance at a good amount of rain. This is good because it kinda seems like we are long overdue. I know this is west Texas, and we've had a few showers here and there, but I'm having trouble remembering the last time we got a good heavy rain. For those of you brand new to the area. Yes, it is very dry here...but not this dry lol. It's pretty common for us to go on water restrictions, and just between you and me, I sometimes get the feeling the city keeps them in place longer than needed just to jack up water prices and make an extra buck. Speaking of the city, can we have Midkiff road back? It only runs through the middle of town and the construction that hasn't seemed to move AT ALL, is only crowding up one of the busiest intersections in Midland. No big deal or anything. **sarcasm heavily implied** For me, that's one of the most common used streets in the Permian Basin.

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