Everyone is excited for Halloween and the spooky season since October is around the corner. Tons of El Pasoans enjoy hearing or visiting haunted places in the borderland.

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We have all seen some spooky things happen at a cemetery, De Soto Hotel, or El Paso High School. There is no denying that those places sure are surely haunted.

But if you would like to ghost hunt overnight somewhere you're guaranteed a scare there is a spot. Except for the place you're guaranteed to see or hear unusual paranormal activity is somewhat of a distance.

Some may or may not have heard about the Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells, Texas. This haunted house is almost 600 miles away from El Paso, Texas.

The Texas Bucket List crew visited the Haunted Hill House last year and were spooked. You can see the camera footage of their visit from their YouTube video below.


Even Jack Osbourne has been curious enough to visit the haunted house in Texas. He and his Travel channel crew visited the Haunted Hill House in Texas to see the spooky stuff that goes down there.

Just refer to the YouTube video of Jack and Katrina his sidekick scoping out the house above. KCENNews YouTube video interviewed the owners Catherine and Eddie about the craziness that goes down in that house.

The owners had mentioned some terrible things that have happened to guests' ghost hunting overnight. The entities have gone as far as physically hurting the people who were staying in the house.

In the middle of the interview with KCENNews, they stopped because of the scratching noises they heard. I am sure a ton of people in El Paso would be down to stay overnight and see some real paranormal stuff go down.

Not many people have been able to complete a full night's stay at Haunted Hill House. But if you feel up to the challenge, make your reservations especially with Halloween coming up.

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