As one of my favorite holidays/all month long celebration’s gets closer I feel the need to go ahead and start talking about HAUNTED HOUSES!!!!!


I’m talking the pre-planned ones and the kinda sorta real thing ones….  I haven’t been to an actual haunted house in forever but I’m hoping this year


I can find some choice locations that won’t disappoint.  Obviously I’ll be reaching out to you guys for help with that.  I’m like that kid in school who never


Does their homework but always gets good grades because I know who to sit by ;-)


As for the real thing let’s get into that later, right now it’s all about costume, makeup and timing!

I didn’t go to a single haunted house last year or the year before and I’m feeling deprived of a much needed, healthy dose of “HOLY SHIT WHAT WAS THAT” and “STOP CHASING ME IM GONNA PEE”.  What?


The easiest and first one I found happens to be one of the best in the area.  If you’re looking to be scarred in a way that will give you nightmares for days then I’ve got just the place for that.

Def Con 1 & Circus of the Dead in Odessa.


I’m sure most of you know all about this ride to “I pooped my pants” town.  Don’t lie, you peed a little when those clowns were chasing you around with chainsaws…real chainsaws.


I think we should start a “Scare Friends” group to go around together to haunted house…I mean it’s better to go in groups so you can blame the screaming on someone else….just sayn


If you know of the others in the area be sure to email us or post to our Facebook page.



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