Have you ever needed a ball of yarn... for $9,000? Wait, I take that back. Have you ever needed a ball of yarn? As I do not have cats, nor am I an old lady, I know I haven't.

Just in case you did need a ball of yarn, and were willing to spend $9,000, Tiffany's has you covered with their Home and Accessories collection. More specifically, the Everyday Objects section. Here are some of the things they're selling:

  • A $350 sterling silver bendy straw.
  • A $1,000 empty tin can.
  • A $425 silver protractor.
  • A $650 pair of ping pong paddles.
  • A $10,000 fake silver bird's nest with three blue porcelain eggs.
  • A $1,950 flask shaped like a fish.
  • A $1,500 set of 10 Lego pieces.
  • And maybe worst of all, a $9,000 ball of silver yarn.

So there you go, just in case you needed any of these things, and have just piles of money laying around.

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