Trump has been doing this almost since he said he would be running for the Presidency. It's rigged. It's all rigged. The Republican Primaries were rigged. The Presidential election is rigged. It's basically someone who has pre-planning in case of a loss. It's like Ben Roethlisberger talking about his injuries before games. If they lose, it's okay because he was hurt. If he wins, it's even better because he did it while hurt.

So think about what Trump is doing. If he claims it's rigged and loses, well, it's rigged. If it's rigged and wins, he beat the rigged system. And stories were coming out of Texas that ballots were changing and people who had voted for Trump ended up voting for Clinton.

Well, the conspiracy theorists ran with this full steam, but officials have come out and said it's pretty simple. It's the voter making a mistake. Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner released the following statement:

"They do not flip your vote. They do not flip parties. Humans do that."

And Tarrant County Elections Commissioner Frank Philips said:

"Typically, we’ve found it’s voter error with the equipment. Sometimes they vote straight party and then click on other candidates ... or do something with the wheel. There is not an issue with the equipment.”