Are you a member of the Live PD nation? Anxiously can't wait for the show to start? Well fans, have we got a fun game for you to play! #LivePDBingo

Live PD has become quite the phenomenon. People all over the nation love watching our brave men and women in uniform making the streets safer every weekend. The calls are intense, the suspects unpredictable and the officers are the heroes of it all. After watching the show weekend after weekend, fans start noticing trends of places where arrests happen, parts of the city where the action happens most often and even have their favorite officers onscreen. That got us thinking, what better way to enjoy our weekend binge than tying a fun game to our viewing pleasure? Ladies and gentleman, that is how Live PD Bingo was born.

Live PD Bingo is the game the entire family can play, or even the entire party! We've found some of the most common scenarios, places, arrests and even officers and came up with our game cards. You can play the generic Live PD Bingo version, or if you're from El Paso, you can enjoy our El Paso Live PD Bingo. The El Paso version has restaurants, locations and even phrases common to El Chuco. And yes, yelling El Chuco at the camera is on there.

Want to play along? Here's how you can! Simply click the link for the EL PASO LIVE PD BINGO CARDS or the regular LIVE PD BINGO CARDS. From there you'll be taken to a printer friendly version of our bingo cards that you can print at home! Don't have a printer? You can play on your mobile phone or tablet with the online version of the ONLINE EL PASO LIVE PD BINGO or regular ONLINE LIVE PD BINGO. Just make sure players refresh the cards so everyone doesn't have the same ones!

RULES OF LIVE PD BINGO: Get 5 in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally. That's it. So grab your friends and family this weekend and get ready to play some Live PD Bingo with the rest of the Live PD Nation! If playing along with the show, use the hastag #LivePDBingo to see how everyone else is scoring on their card!

Live PD Bingo Card
Live PD Bingo Card

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