I’ve been wanting to do a backyard makeover since before summer started.  I realize I’m not doing myself any favors by waiting until it’s hot enough to cook eggs on the sidewalk to start but you just do what you can with you have people, and what I have is the remainder of the summer so I gotta get busy.  What I really wanted was to really pimp the backyard out with cool stuff for the little but it turns out I’m not a carpenter and apparently you need a working knowledge of wood working if you wanna bust out one of those bad ass tree forts with slides and swings attached to it.  So at the very least I figured I would get the kiddo a swing.  I bought one of those saucer swings but once we got it up in the only tree that had a branch that could bear any kind of weight I realized that just wasn’t going to cut it.  The swing is too close to the trunk and even though he really does love it I’m betting he would love it way more if he could actually swing in it.  So, I’m trying to buy a swing frame.  I don’t need a swing set necessarily but I wouldn’t mind finding a swing set that I could replace one swing with his saucer thing.  Here’s the problem, I can’t find anything like what I remember from when I was a kid.  What happened to just plain ole swing sets? I’ve looked everywhere and all I come up with is little aluminum, short, poorly made sets with stuff on them that I don’t even need.  When I was a kid I had 5 metal poles, 2 in an A-frame with one across the top, welded together and 2 swings, sometimes one regular swing and one tire swing…and not the kind of tire that you bought at the store specifically for the purposes of playground equipment, no, it was a tire that couldn’t be used any more of one that a friend who lives or works at a junk yard gave to us.  I was getting frustrated so I went to the Let Go app to see if I could find one there.  I found a few of those wood play systems things I would love to have but people were just selling these fully constructed sets out of their backyards like…how am I suppose to get that from your house to mine sis? Anyway, the whole point of this entire blog is to show you guys this nightmarish thing I found during my search. 


To be honest I would love to have in the back yard just to scare people but I’m pretty sure I have a few friends that wouldn’t come over anymore.  By the way it’s still available for purchase if you’re interested.  Tell her you heard about it from Tawny! I’m off to find more creepy playground equipment!