Dear Journal,

Today is April Fool's Day. We got our group reading books for adventure. My book is called King of the Cloud Forests, the only thing I know about it is that there is a boy named Ashley Anderson. You'd think it was a girl. The other people in my group are Marlena and William. My sister got back from Spain yesterday. She would have gotten home on Tuesday night but they had problems with the landing gear. She bought me a Twins baseball, and a Twins button from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Twins are my favorite baseball team. I really wants Minnesota tickets for when they come play the Beavers. My sister also got me a Grand Rock Cafe shirt from Madrid. I think it is a part of Hard Rock. She got a little can of Coke which was .15 liters. They also had one a little smaller than the regular size cans. There was even a huge one. Last night she got home all she did was sleep.

My favorite sports teams are all across the United States. One that I frequently get questioned about is why I'm a fan of the Minnesota Twins. Well, this entry sheds some light on that. It's quite simple. The Twins Triple-A affiliate at this time was the Portland Beavers. That's the connection.



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