Very few moments in a relationship are as victorious as when you keep telling your spouse about a movie and they have absolutely no interest in first. I've been telling Tawny about "Safety Not Guaranteed" for about 3 years now. Granted, very few people have ever even heard of it, and the trailer for said movie just doesn't do it justice. Even if you read the premise, it doesn't sound like anything special. However, despite all of that, I was up late one night home alone back when I was single and just decided to check it out.

Basically, it's a fake story based off of a real classified ad placed in a paper several years ago. This ad more or less said, "Looking for a partner to go back in time with. Bring your own weapons. I've only done this once. Safety Not Guaranteed. If you're looking for a movie you'll be pleasantly surprised by, may I suggest this one?

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