Some of you may know there are only two anime series I've ever been interested in.


One of which I was totally obsessed with when my fiancé first introduced it to me.  I binge watched the whole damn thing and I'll be binging it again very soon.  Attack on Titan is my all time favorite but there is one other series that I really love as well, once you get past the subtitle reading.  I try to turn on the feature that dubs over with English but I can never remember how to do that.


Anyway, Death Note is the only other anime I've ever liked.  I've seen a few episodes of Cowboy Bee Bop and I just don't get it.  Death Note is just right up my alley being that I'm all about that dark and sinister type of story lines.  So I go to watch some more episodes the other day, and hopefully figure out how to get that dub over feature turned on, and what did I find?  A regular live action movie of the same title.  At first I thought it was just some random "D" movie that coincidentally had the same title but it's not! Death Note has been turned into a live action film by Netflix. That's right! Most of the other actors didn't sound familiar aside from Willem Dafoe. It's set to come out August 25th and baby I'll be counting down the seconds, literally!  Will you watch?  Let us know, leave a comment and we can set up a group on the KBAT Facebook page and discuss.

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