Let’s get familiar with one another shall we? I’m not outdoorsy…I’m not the kind of girl that wears camo and shoots things, I’m just not.  I’m not opposed to it and I don’t have any moral obligations that keep me from the popular hobby for many of my fellow Texans, it’s just not for me.  The thing is I’m a wuss, I mean we’re being honest with each other right? This is the trust circle right?


So yes, I’m a wuss.  I don’t like nor am I equipped for being outdoors around nature and dirt and wild animals.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy sitting around a fire and drinking and eating food cooked on a grill and I absolutely love to ride in the ATV at a safe distance from cactus and cow patties.   Really the reason I try and stay away from being outdoors is more for the benefit of others than it is for my own.


I’m clumsy.  Some of you may know this by now.  I’m the clumsiest person you know I can promise you that.  I can trip over my own feet, and have before.  So it’s really in everyone’s best interests that I be kept out of situations that involve chopping, shooting, moving things, fire…walking…I mean come on people I’m the girl that runs into walls and tries to grab cookies sheets from the oven with no gloves…..


Also….I am terrified of snakes.  Snakes and caterpillars or anything that’s long and has more than 8 legs.  I’ve tried to explain this to the people I spend the majority of my time with so that they know to avoid situations that would put me anywhere near any of the things that make being around me dangerous.  But do they listen?  No, no they do not.


This weekend I got to go see my fiancés dad’s newly acquired deer lease.  Considering my fiancé would have had to make the drive alone and in the dark I reluctantly agreed to come along.  Besides, there is always good food, good company and beer to drink around a fire at night and I’m all about that.


However, my decision would have been different had I known that there are an abundance of rattle snakes, raccoons, bob cats, centipedes and all other manner of creepy crawlies that run amuck on the property.


Again, as I have said before, it’s not safe to be around me in any setting but especially in an outdoors setting.  Luckily for my family I’ve known of my short coming for a very long time and I’m smart enough to stay away from situations like the one they were in on Saturday morning.


You see we made the trip to the deer lease in beautiful Eden Texas so that some feeders and stands could be set up and so some cleaning could be done around the camp site.  There’s a couple of old abandoned houses (which obviously I freaking loved considering how creepy and straight out of a horror movie they looked) anyway, like I was saying there are some old abandoned houses and just some junk left from previous hunter set ups ect…


There was some wood and pallets and general debris to be moved and thrown away.


People, word of advice, yes when it’s cold snakes don’t move as well but I promise you if you step on one it will bite you.  With this knowledge and my crippling fear of creepy crawly things I kept my butt inside while the moving and shuffling of debris was happening, which turned out to be a good move.

Four rattle snakes were found and shot in a matter of 20 minutes.  All of them found by my fiancé….whom happens to be intensely afraid of spiders but snakes don’t even make him pause.


Needless to say I’ll be having nightmares for the next few weeks.  I know there are those of you doing pretty much the same thing.  Getting feeders and blinds set up paving the way for a good season come November, or October for you bow hunters.  I’d be curious to see what kind of stuff you’ve run into.  I hear working in the field you see plenty of unsavory wild life.  I’d love to see pictures!


Can you top four snakes in 20 minutes?



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