So Buzz Adams made another bet that he thought was a shoe-in. He bet Nico that La La Land would win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Nico would get the rest of the field (that is, any movie other than La La Land) and the loser would have to snort a line of Carolina Reaper Pepper powder. Carolina Reaper is the hottest in the world with a Scoville rating of "What the &#@%??? Are you crazy??"

Buzz had many reasons to believe La La Land would win. It had cleaned house at the Golden Globes, it was one of the few nominated films that had cracked $50M and, most importantly, Hollywood loves to reward movies about Hollywood.

So, last night, the winner was announced and it was, indeed, La La Land. Buzz went to bed happily thinking about Nico collapsing his sinuses with the hottest condiment known to man. But he went to bed too early. He didn't see this happen:

So this morning, Buzz had to do a Lindsay Lohan sized rail of this awful, hell-spawned powder. This is what it looked like:

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