Amazon has some crazy shit for sale. Sometimes I'll be searching for something super vanilla like socks with cats on them and there's some really shady shit that gets thrown in with my results. Most of the stuff is garbage but there are a few super weird products that actually serve a purpose and well. This delightfully disgusting looking dude above is for separating egg white and if you've ever tried this on your own it's a real bitch.

Weld on the go

This is the Bondic repair anything kit. I was like ummm that's super dumb, a mini on-the-go welding kit but look it, this thing really can repair anything and it fits right in your pocket.

Foot hammock

The Delco Office Foot Hammock looks like something for people with short legs sitting at a table that's too I ordered mine with rush shipping.

2 in 1 food chopper

I get it, and ok it might work but wouldn't it be easier to just chop stuff the old fashioned way?

Bicycle pizza cutter

I don't even care if it works, I want it.

For a shot of HELLO!

I personally don't want anything to do with a toilet that shoots water up my bum but I hear some people dig it, so here's a product that brings strange European customs to you.

These are products that are available on Amazon so happy shopping!