If someone was visiting our great state of Texas for the first time, asked you which places they should visit while here what would you tell them? I have actually been asked this before by coworkers and friends and I think I have answered with the same thing every time. You should definitely go check out The Alamo in San Antonio, AT&T Stadium where the Cowboys play, and maybe the Riverwalk? 

Am I a horrible Texan? What should I have said? Are there better suggestions than what I give? Well 2 out of 3 isn't bad because I correctly suggested 2 things that are on the list of the top tourist spots in Texas!

According to planetware.com, these are the top tourist spots in Texas, see which ones you have been to and jot down the ones you still need to visit.

#1 Surprisingly is The Riverwalk in San Antonio. Don't get me wrong, I've done it many times in my lifetime but first over The Alamo?

Olympic Torch Relay X Ng
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#2 The Alamo-with its rich history and The Battle of the Alamo, I think it is safe to say that people from all over the world have visited.

The UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour Presented By Heineken - San Antonio Stop
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#3 Space Center in Houston-according to planetware.com,

This is a wonderful place to learn about space exploration, upcoming missions, NASA's latest projects, and possibly even meet an astronaut. Space Center Houston is also home to Johnson Space Center and Mission Control, which can be visited on a tour.

#4 Big Bend National Park- located about 3 hours from Midland-Odessa, little known fact about me, I once had an great uncle who was a park ranger there, so needless to say I grew up visiting Big Bend. We would camp, hike and swim along the Rio Grande. I have some pretty awesome memories here.

Massive Fossils Discovered at Big Bend National Park
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#5 The Texas State Capitol in Austin- our capitol building was built in 1888 and it truly is a sight to behold. Located in downtown Austin, when visiting be sure to take a guided tour of this National Historic Landmark.

Texas House Republicans Reconvene Session After Democrats Head To D.C. In Attempt To Break Quorum
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