Usually, the use we have for maps is for seeing the different cities and states around the United States. For example, as we get older some of us tend to forget the capitols of certain states or are curious about other cities in Texas or outside states.

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But if you have ever wanted to know where the most famous people are from, there's a map for that. Yes, instead of a map showing cities and states, this map shows the most famous people who are from Texas.

Now if I must say, Texas has a legit list of the most famous celebrities who were born in the Lone Star State. Now, this map places the celebrities' names in the area where certain cities are located.

So, if you see the tip of Texas (El Paso) you will see the most famous celebrity's name. The most famous people listed in the state of Texas are highlighted in bold white letters.

For example, Buddy Holly, Joan Crawford, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tommy Lee Jones, Beyonce, Wille Nelson, Selena Gomez, Woody Harrelson, and more are shown in the state of Texas. Luckily, El Paso and Fabens have a couple of famous stars you should recall.

As for the city of El Paso, Texas, the most famous celebrity representing the tip happens to be Debbie Reynolds. If you need a reminder (which you shouldn't) about Debbie Reynolds, she was Carrie Fisher's mom.

Carrie Fisher was the woman who played Princess Leia in the Star Wars films. Another famous celebrity name you will see below El Paso's who represents Fabens is Bill Shoemaker.

But if you're at all curious about any other states besides Texas just check out the map of the entire world.

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