Listener Wrote: So me and my man have talked about getting matching tattoos. We decided on the design and everything. Well, THIS FOOL walks in yesterday and tells me SURPISE...he done WENT by himself and got the tattoo. Um, he doesn't understand why I'm TICKED off that he did this. Isn't the point of matching do it at the same time?

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Ray Ray

Yep, he's in the dog house and NEEDS to be. It's the little things and he's gonna have to learn!


I'm guessing they don't have a future at becoming a tik tok sensation together 😅😅😅

Allyyboys Craze Trends something I would probably do


Some people REALLY need to get a life 😂

Basically, you hurt her feelings by not getting the tats at the same time. Being in a relationship is about being together, not apart. That is the problem these days. What's missing in a bunch of relationships is actually being together. This is why we need companionship, we need to do things with other people especially people we love. Lessoned learned is what I would say.

Well, now you have t make it up to her. Make a big fuss over her ging and getting her tattoo. Rent a limo. Make sure to grab some dinner. More than anything, let her know that you LOVE having matching tattoos with her even though you didn't do it at the same exact time. Once you let her know all of these hopefully she will see that you messed up, but that you still care.

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