When I drink beer, which isn't often....ok sometimes very often....I stick with the same ole light beer I always drink.  My go-to light beer has always been Michelob Ultra.  This week however, I was introduced to an alternative that proved to be way better than the go-to and less calories and carbs....BONUS! The distributor was kind enough to push some free beers on Chris Brizzown and myself so who were we to deny him? Truth is this beer is very similar to Michelob Ultra but no after taste and less calories and carbs like I said.  Of course I had to make sure when I left I'd be able to get my fix again the next time it was beer thirty and was reassured that whenever I was ready he would have some for me.  Ok, not just me, this beer can be found anywhere in town, just ask for it.  Try it and let me know what you think!

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