The second annual Hooters Bikini Contest, this year benefiting Children's Miracle Network, was twice as much fun and twice as hard to judge this year.   So Hooters had the second of many to come, Bikini contests this week and once again my fitness competition friend and I were asked to judge.  This year was extra special as far as judges go however, it felt very nostalgic to sit down with an old classmate with pen and paper in front of us, almost like we did in high school getting ready to take a test that neither of us studied for, well....I know I didn't.  Roy Williams was our extra special guest judge this year. He and I went to high school as good old MOJO together (Permian High School for the non-locals).  Also, from our sister station, and the man who happens to have "Put a ring on it" Chris Brizzown from B93.  He wasn't allowed to look at the girls though, I told him he would have to school the girls on my facial expressions as they did their walk....needless to say the girl who gave me the most jealous face got the highest score. Overall we raised almost 12k for Children's Miracle Network! Not bad for a couple of hours of beer and bikinis baby!

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