Both Kid Rock and Ted Nugent have shown their interest in politics over the years and both have been mentioned as possible future candidates for the Senate in Michigan. On Wednesday (April 19), both musicians further dipped their toes in the political arena, joining former VP candidate and ex-Alaska governor Sarah Palin as she visited President Trump at the White House.

Palin was a supporter of Trump during his run for president and was invited to be a guest at one of his October debates last fall. Rock and Nugent each brought along their significant others with Nugent's wife Shemane Deziel and Rock's fiancee Audrey Berry posing for photos in the Oval Office. You can see photos from the visit posted on social media below.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Rock's name was suggested by Michigan GOP members as a possible candidate for Senator at Michigan’s Republican party convention. The seat has been locked down by Democrat Debbie Stabenow since 2000, though with Trump being the first Republican to win the state since 1988, the GOP is feeling hopeful at the chance to shake up the Senate position. However, Rock himself has not stated an expressed interest in running for political office. He has however lent his support to Republican candidates in the last two elections.

As for Nugent, he has spoken publicly about the possibility of running for office. During an interview last month, the rocker stated, “If I could run any segment of our government the way we run the Nugent family, there would be no debt, there would be secure borders, there would be a reduction in crime, there would be an increase in law and order, there would be everything that Donald Trump campaigned for.”

He went on to add about his political prospects, "I haven’t committed to it, but I will repeat to you, as I’ve said before, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make America great again, to make America safe and secure and America again. And nothing is off the table at this point.”

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