Looks like one of my favorite creepy, old, abandoned buildings here in Midland is getting a makeover.  As much as it pains me to see anything old and spooky and abandoned made new, I have to say it’s about time for this particular building.  I’m talking about 1101 W Wall St. here in Midland.  There’s are square sign on the corner that just says “Wall Street” in cursive.  I drive by this place literally every day of the week at least three times a day.  Since we’re on the subject of my drive to my big girl job… no we weren’t but we are now, deal with it.  As I was saying, my drive to my big girl job takes me down west Wall street every weekday.  I turn on the corner right there were Chic-Fil-A is and drive the length of west Wall street toward downtown.  I pass that cool looking fire department, or is it a museum?  I really don’t know but there is one corner of the building that’s just all glass and you can see a super old fire truck on display inside.

Here’s some “Weird stuff that’s Tawny’s Jam” fodder for you;

I love when people keep their blinds/curtains open and you can see right inside their house.  I especially love that there are people who do this even in the wee hours of the morning.  On the drive to my big girl job in the morning I look forward to passing this one building/apartment complex that looks super retro and awesome because most of the people who live there have their blinds/curtains open in the morning and you can see right into their life pretty much.  I don’t know if there’s any psychology behind this but it makes me think that people who do that (leave blinds/curtains open in windows) tend to be more open in general.  Also, I bet it’s safe to assume that these kinds of people keep a clean, well put together home, unless of course they live on the second floor or above, in that case it wouldn’t matter unless they live in a community full of stilt walkers, but I digress.

Back to the loss of a creepy, dope, abandoned building.  A few weeks ago I did some more in depth research into this building.  I wanted to know why it was empty, what year it was built, who owns it now ect…  I cannot find the article to save my life but I promise you I searched for it earlier for a good ten minutes.  Anyway, there was an article I found online that was about how in the 80’s the company that was running this place all the sudden one day decided to evict it’s tenants with little to no notice, even going so far as to turn the electricity off so that the people who were losing their homes were left to get their things out in the dark.   I think I read that the company had gone bankrupt.  The tenants were pretty upset considering they had already paid for the month and it’s tough to believe the company didn’t know when they were accepting those rent checks that they were going to be forcing these people out of their homes not long after.

The sign on the gate that goes around the property says “It’s about time…. The Villa’s on Wall Coming 2018!”  I stopped and took a picture yesterday but it’s not on my phone anymore, this ones from google earth.

The building doesn’t look like much now but there is work being done, they’ve started to replace the windows and it looks like they are getting ready to gut the inside.  Maybe I’m just nostalgic but with a ton of renovation I really think this place could be all kinds of throwback 1940’s apartment complex goodness.  I do have a suggestion however, a pool in the back and a tall security fence around the back of the property could be exactly what this place needs.

So if you’re in the market for an apartment in the near future keep an eye on this place, it could end up being just what you need.

This image is from Google earth so it's not current
This image is from Google earth so it's not current

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