Ever wish you could change one thing about yourself? Hard to admit there is anything bad about yourself when it is so much easier to see the negatives of others. I’m not too proud to cast light on my toxic trait. The first thing that pops into my head… I freak out over the smallest things. My better half always has to bring me down when I’m ready to freak out. Remind me to breathe, but that’s not always easy to remember when you are in the thick of the event FREAKING YOU OUT! For others who have this same issue, don’t worry; you are not alone.

Let me give you the most recent example. My kid had homework, we got it completed, and it was supposed to be turned in the next day. Not unlike most eight-year-old children, sometimes they forget things. In this case, the homework we spent ALL LAST NIGHT doing together!! And I get the ole ‘forgot’ it at home. I’m freaking out! I’m ready to call the teacher, apologize profusely and explain that we spent hours on the paper and it was done.

Or, how about this. If I’m looking for my credit card to pay for my purchases in the checkout line at the grocery store. I just know it is in my wallet, but which one? Yes, you are reading this correctly, I may have more than one wallet in my purse, but you aren’t getting my point if that’s what you are focused on. I can’t find the card, the customers behind me are growing anxious, and I am holding them up from other things they need to do! But hey, at least I’m not writing a check, so back off, people! Either way, I have become “that girl.” Which causes me to freak out because I am holding up the line. Just another example of “issues” that are truly not much of an issue I can manage to turn into a thing. lol

So cut to our Spring Break vacation when we were visiting the beautiful state of Colorado. I was super excited to be headed to mountains, beautiful scenery, and different restaurants that we don’t otherwise have. It was going to be glorious! At least once we get through the dreaded airport situation that I have already created in my head. LOL. The lines, the people, someone will have to go to the bathroom or will undoubtedly be hungry/thirsty, and I envision rushing to the gate only to look through the window and see our plane LEAVING! That’s just my imagination, though, right? That was the case on the way to our getaway. But, long story short, we missed our flight on the day we were to come back home, despite my calculations of when to be at the airport, circumstances beyond my control. PANIC! Then, to top it off, our connecting flight had been canceled. Instant freak out? Oh, you can bet! Here I am thinking we are never going to get home, like ever! But, thanks to a lovely lady at the Denver airport, who booked us on the immediate next flight, we made it safe and sound, as you can see, since I am physically typing this article.

I need the ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ shirt. It all works out in the end, right? You bet it does! We received vouchers to fly free the next time we travel with the airport issues. Yeah buddy! My child will advance to the next grade level. And in the end, I found my card in line, and I don’t seem to have an issue spending money! #WINNING!

Although I am constantly reminded things work out the way they should, I have been reminded there are (at least) five things that will help the FREAK OUT moments I have described. Yep, I researched it. I mean, no one wants to feel this way.

My favorite advice I have found so far comes from loveandlifetoolbox.com. To paraphrase …

  1. “Stop getting ahead of yourself, and practice staying in the moment.”
  2. “Reframe your Worry into something more productive.” You know, is there another way to SEE the situation?
  3. “Find a trusted soundboard,” which I am fortunate enough to have.
  4. “Identify what keeps you stuck-and work on it.” You don’t need a therapist for this, or maybe you do. But, instead of accepting the “fate,” find a solution to resolve the panic.
  5. “Practice Self-Acceptance,” knowing that it’s okay if you aren’t perfect, and everyone experiences this.

Moral of my story… Don’t be a Rebecca. Small things are never worth stressing over, and you might end up with some freebies in the end!

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