I was in the 3rd from the left lane off the Loop 250 Big Spring Street / Lamesa exit; the one where you have the option to go straight at the light and continue down the frontage road past the Stripes gas station or turn left onto Big Spring Street. You were in your sky blue Toyota RAV4 (approximately a 2016 model), sitting at the light in the lane next to me on my left (driver's side) that is a LEFT TURN ONLY lane. The light changed from red to green, we both accelerated, and instead of turning left--YOU WENT STRAIGHT down the frontage road, crossing Big Spring street in the wrong lane and almost hitting me, as I was turning left in front of you. Had I not been paying close attention, I would have turned left in front of you right in your path and you'd have hit me! Thank goodness for good brakes!

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I've only had my Chevy Trailblazer for almost a year and it has n dings or dents or scratches on it and I'm not looking to add any in the near future. Thankfully, this wasn't the day for that and I stopped in time as you cut me off and kept on going. In some ways, the Chicago boy in me still lives on. In other ways, he doesn't. Had this been back home, I may have laid on my horn and shouted some things at you as you passed... But alas, I was just startled, and then grateful nothing further happened. Please take the time to pay attention when you're driving and watch for signs and lane information on the pavement. This just happened, so it wasn't like it was winter and the road was covered so you couldn't see the markings on the street. Perhaps the next person you do this to won't be quick enough, and that pretty RAV4 won't be so pretty anymore. Pay attention, stay off your phone in the car, watch your surroundings, and USE THE CORRECT LANE! Thanks--from me, and drivers everywhere in the Basin who don't want to get into an accident.

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