Just like it was a year ago over a dress that some people swore was blue while others insisted it was gold, the internet has once again been torn asunder by a disagreement over the color of something. This time, it’s the common tennis ball.

If someone had ever asked me, I would have said without hesitation that a tennis ball (the standard kind. I know they come in other novelty colors) is yellow. I would have assumed if you asked a hundred people what color a tennis ball is a hundred people would have said “yellow”.

Here’s where things get weird. Apparently, lots and lots of people have been going through life believing that tennis balls are green. I’m not talking about a few color-blind outliers here, either. According to various surveys opinion seems to be split right down the middle. I know this is a minor thing but it blows my mind that 50% of people think tennis balls are green!

The whole yellow vs. green debate goes back no further than last Thursday as far as I can tell by a simple Google search so I think there’s still room for input. Here’s a video where we tried to apply the scientific method to this week-old controversy. Also, for sake of clarification, we don’t really understand what is meant by the phrase “the scientific method”.

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