You know those posts on Facebook you see in your feed for things like “Best Nachos in Texas” or “Best Hamburger in Texas” or “Best Chicken Fried Steak in Texas”?  I see them all the time, what I don’t see EVER is Midland or Odessa mentioned for anything ever other than maybe “Most Dangerous Towns Per Capita” or “Highest Real Estate Prices”….. However, just last week I happen to be scrolling through my feed and there it was, one of those “Best Whatever in Texas” posts.  If it hadn’t been for the fact that the list started at ten and worked its way up to number one I wouldn’t have lingered long enough to watch but when I saw “Midland, TX..” I had to actually touch it, ya know how when you see one you’re actually interested in instead of watching it in your feed often with no sound you touch it and it populates your whole screen and if you’re at work and forgot that your sound is all the way up it scares the shit out of you and then you’re embarrassed because everyone heard the cheesy, loud music that plays in the background in those kind of posts…….  Anyway, the point is we were on one of those lists.  You can find it on the KBAT Facebook page, it’s just a few posts down, it’s by “Wide Open Eats”, anyway Scotty’s Soul Food and BBQ was number 10 on the list and I was impressed, however as I continued to watch I noticed there were one or two more locations on the list that were somewhat in our area but the majority of the towns I saw were in the East part of Texas.

The rest of Texas and the world may not realize it but West Texas is its own special place and we should have our own special list damnit! So, I’m going to post a link to this blog on the KBAT Facebook page (if you’re reading this you’re thinking “duh! That’s how I got here”) and in the comments I’ll ask for votes for the “Best Chicken Fried Steak in West Texas”.  There’s a little map below of what I’m told is considered “West Texas”.

I’ll give it a full day or so and then gather up all the names and we’ll throw em in a bracket and find out where our next chicken fried steak dinner is gonna come from!

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