So a couple of weeks ago I ended up at Jersey Girls Pizza in Odessa and as you may or may not have read it was in my opinion one of the best pizzerias I had ever been to and then as if on cue here comes Cane D'Oro

Cane D'Oro one of very few true wood fired pizza trucks in the Permian Basin came a calling with a challenge.  Cane D'Oro boasted that they would be able to sway my previous opinion on who has the best pizza.

So I took up the challenge and scheduled a time with Brian and Cane D"Oro Wood Fired Pizza Truck to come by the station and share their brand of wood fired pizza with me so I can make my decision as to who may have the best pizza in the Permian Basin

So here we are after trying many different offerings from the Pesto pizza, the Jalapeno Popper pizza, the BBQ Chicken pizza and of course the more standard meta pizza I must say that I may have been swayed to the flavors of Cane D'Oro

With a taste that only wood fired pizza can offer, Cane D'Oro is a real stand out among it's pizza competitors and if you haven't tried Cane D'Oro then you owe it to yourself to try one of, in my opinion, the best pizza places to eat pizza in the Permian Basin.

So the question begs to be asked is there anyone else out there who thinks there pizza can even come close to either Can D'Oro of Jersey Girls?

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