I don't need to go see all these Oscar-nominated films. I think I've got a pretty good idea what they're about just from the titles.


  • 1

    Hidden Figures

    A documentary about Donald Trump's tax returns.

  • 2


    A sequel to Field of Dreams in which the character of Dr. Archie "Moonlight" Graham gets his own stand-alone film.  The main character is a CGI version of the late Burt Lancaster done Grand Moff Tarkin-style.

  • 3


    A dramatic adaptation of the life of Cecil the Lion who was brutally murdered by an American dentist.

  • 4

    Hell or High Water

    A futuristic thriller about a dystopian Los Angeles after the polar ice caps have melted due to global warming. The Rock stars as a helicopter pilot who must rescue his daughter from the rising deluge.

  • 5


    The story of all the multi-million dollar barriers that already exist along the border that will have to be scrapped. Next year, look for it's sequel Wall.

  • 6

    La La Land

    The third in the Smurfs series. It focuses on life in Smurf Village. In particular the song everyone there sings which goes, "La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La".

  • 7

    Manchester By The Sea

    The inspiring true story of Manchester United, one of the most popular teams in the Premier League of soccer. They are pretty close to the sea

  • 8

    Hacksaw Ridge

    Mickey Rourke, I'm guessing, plays real-life wrestler "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. The movie chronicles his rise to the top, his fall from grace, and his life as he goes back home to the Appalachian mountain that bears his family's name, Hacksaw Ridge.

  • 9


    Clearly this is a reboot of the Look Who's Talking franchise with Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner taking care of their new "arrival."

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