It's a Halloween edition of The After Buzz!! Here is what we cover on this week's episode.

  • The After Buzz will no longer be uploaded as a podcast to iTunes or Google Play. I was really just doing that to keep something going on the Buzz Adams Morning Show's podcast channel. But now that I'm uploading segments of the show, there's not need to put The After Buzz there.
  • I was a real wimp when I was a kid. I was terrified of almost everything. But then as I grew up, I started to like horror movies more and more and now love them. It's a complete 180 degree turn.
  • My kid's field trip was cancelled last week due to the weather. When they were told, lots of them started crying. Rather than the parents helping their kids get through this, they made their way to the principal's office to ask if they could do a picnic or something else. And I love the principal's response. They could do a field trip that day, but that meant no end of year field trip. Look, disappointment happens in life. Raise your kids to deal with it properly. It sucks, but it happens in life.

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