It the spirit of Halloween, I figured we could all share our thoughts and have a very heated argument over who the greatest scary movie character of all time is. In my humble opinion, there are two types of people in the world. Those who think Freddy is easily the greatest bad guy of all time and those who vote Beto.... I kid, I kid....kind of. I mean, I don't care how you vote in the senate lol. That's your business. VOTE FREDDY.

I'm sure Ghostface and Jason will get their fair share of bets but Freddy is scary, clever, funny, and cool all at the same time. In the newest remake it kind of burned me a little bit that they wrote the story with him as a child molester. In the original he wasn't. Don't take the most liked character in your movies and write him as unlikable...that's like rule 1 in writing. They royally screwed up with that movie.


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