With Halloween just under a week away, if was time to talk about favorite Halloween memories.

I was making some new ones this past weekend as I went to a corn maze. Did I go through the whole maze? Nope. Under different circumstances I would have love to go for it, but not that night.

Then I reminisce about one particular Halloween I had as a kid. For some reason this one Halloween really stood out to me. I was a robot, and we had a haunted house at my elementary school. My dad was made up to look like a corpse, and I believe my mom was the Grim Reaper. Of course, there is a distinct possibility that I'm combining multiple Halloweens into one and remembering them as one. But I'll just pretend it was all one.

Plus Scott and I get into the whole not remembering what the Hell we were for most Halloweens when we were growing up. Seriously, I remember being a robot and an army commando. That's it.


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